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Container Housing

Attainable Housing, Achievable Housing: Filling a Profitable Niche

There is large, pent up middle-income market demand for “attainable” or “achievable” housing. While affordable housing evokes government subsidies, attainable housing is a focused and lucrative response to the needs and budgets of a burgeoning market that seeks appropriately priced smaller homes and multi-family dwellings to buy or rent.


We’re Taking Advantage of the Overlooked Attainable Housing Market
U.S. homebuilders once built primarily for the middle class, but today very little nonsubsidized homebuilding is targeted to the middle-class price point. Research shows that’s a mistake. The majority of builders who participated in
an Urban Land Institute survey believe an attainable housing price point serves between 20 and 60 percent of market demand,
with 25% believing it serves over 60%. Young families in their thirties, as well as service professionals such as teachers, police, fire/EMS and others who often can’t afford to live in the communities they serve, all have good,
steady incomes but have been priced out of the market. They don’t need government subsidies; they just need good homes and rentals at achievable prices.

Building the Right, Achievable Homes & Apartments for Today’s Market

Today’s families are smaller on average, yet housing developers are building larger houses. While middle income families are interested in smaller homes, and young professionals are interested in good neighborhoods with access to amenities, less than 10 percent of new homes offer one and two bedrooms options. Most developers simply aren’t taking advantage of this large market opportunity. This spells opportunity for the builder who can provide product for the vast middle-income market at a price point that is at once affordable for that market and profitable for the builder
and their investors.


Container Construction: Affordability for Buyer & Renters, Good Margins for Developers

Shipping container construction for single family or multi-family housing –for rent or sale – is an innovative way to provide lower cost living while maintaining good margins for developers. Building with shipping containers presents many advantages, among them: 

  • Less expensive construction

  • Quicker, more predictable build times

  • Perfect for modular construction of multi-family units

  • Continuous supply of single-trip containers in good condition

  • Containers are easily customized for unique design

  • Strong, durable, secure, pest-proof buildings


All our construction will use newer containers that have made a single trip. These newer containers do not have some of the issues of the older containers, such as lead paints. Cost effective one-trip containers provide much-needed durable, safe and healthy homes at an achievable price point for the middle-income market.


Attainable Housing Is an Investment Opportunity

Ruiz Nicholson is moving forward on shipping container construction for single home and multi-family units in the western states. And that spells opportunity for investors. To learn more, give us a call.

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