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Container Storage

Shipping Container Storage Facilities: Improving a Great Real Estate Investment

Storage facilities have always performed well as real estate investments, often bringing in more ROI and better Cap Rates per square foot than rental housing, with lower startup costs. Now quick, low-cost storage facility construction using shipping containers has made this great
investment even better.


Shipping Containers Make Perfect, Cost-Effective, Secure Storage Facilities
Think about it. Containers are made to store and protect merchandise during long sea voyages. They’re built to stand the tests of weather, heavy rocking seas, and moisture to deliver perfectly preserved goods. Their strong steel walls make them secure gains break-ins and their sealed doors protect against the elements. What could be better for a storage facility?

Shipping container storage facilities have many advantages:

  • Building costs are far less than traditional storage facilities; building times are faster

  • 1 container provides a large storage unit; quickly partition to create several smaller units

  • Containers are strong, secure, dust, water and pest-proof

  • Built to withstand ocean journeys, shipping containers are tough and durable

  • Containers’ thick steel walls can easily hold bulky, heavy goods

  • Full size cars or trailers can be stored inside a container

  • One-trip containers look sharp and professional for your new facility

  • There is a good supply of single-trip containers ready to create your facility

Shipping Container Storage Facilities Create an Investment Opportunities
Ruiz Nicholson is moving forward on shipping container construction for storage units in the western states. And that spells opportunity for investors. To learn more, give us a call.


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